Quick and Easy Recipes

Looking for a healthy fast food but don’t want to deal with complicated ingredients and instructions? This section is for you then! We have complied some quick and easy recipes here and hope these recipes will make your life little easier. This page will be updated constantly. Click on the thumbnail of the recipe you want to view.

Easy Breakfast and Dinner Recipes

Rava Idli Poha Dosa Rava Roti Pancake
Sevai Upma Avil Upma Tamarind Poha Sabudana Khichadi

Easy Rice Recipes

Coconut Rice Jeera Rice Curd Rice Burrito Bowl
Khandeshi Khichadi Moong Dal Khichdi Mor Kuzhambu Raw-Mango-Rice

Easy Sabzi's and Curries

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none none none none

Easy Snacks

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