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Paruppu Poli | Puran Poli for Navratri

One can prepare this sweet dish in chana dal (kadalai Paruppu), or tuvar dal (tuvaram paruppu). Or even equal proportions of both the dals. This time I prepared with Tuvaram Paruppu. This recipe doesn’t require any exotic ingredients and very easy to prepare.

Parruppu Poli Recipe

Last weekend when we are watching Tamil movie, there was a scene in that everyone was enjoying the delicious poli and my husband immediately looked at me with a big smile on his face asked “ Can we have?” it’s been a long time, I have not prepared this wonderful dish and Navratri is also approaching and I have not shared poli recipe on my space, so I just thought to do it immediately.  He helped me in the kitchen to flip the poli and we enjoyed the hot poli very much smearing ghee on top. I must tell you, it tastes too good when you add extra ghee on top :)

Puran/Pooran Poli Recipe

In Kannada they call it as Holige or Obbattu,  in Maharashtra as Puran Poli, and In Tamil as Parrupu Poli. To make it more healthier sweet dish, you can use wheat flour instead of all purpose flour.

Holiga or Obbattu Recipe

Ingredients to make Poornam:
Tuvar Dal/Tuvaram Paruppu/ Yellow Lentil  – ½ cup
Powdered Jaggary - ½ cup
Elaichi / Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp
Water – 1cup

Ingredients To make outer shell:

All Purpose Flour / Maida – 1 cup
Turmeric Powder – ¼ tsp
Salt – ½ cup
Clarified Butter – 2 tbsp

Water – ½ cup


Step 01) Wash tuvar dal and soak it in water for 1 hr. And then cook the dal nicely in pressure cooker or stove top pan.

Puran Poli recipe Step 01

Step 02) Drain the water completely and allow the dal to cool down and then blend it in mixer with cardamom powder and jaggary and transfer this paste into bowl. Refrigerate the pooram for 1/2 hr, when it is nicely cool down you can size them into balls or scoop it with spoon as pooram stuffing

Puran Poli recipe Step 02

Step 03) In a bowl add maida, turmeric powder and salt mix well. Add water little by little and knead the dough.  Smear 2 to 3 tsp of oil knead as smooth as possible like elastic dough and covered it with lid. Let the dough rest for ½ to 1 hr this helps the dough more smooth and pliable

Puran Poli recipe Step 03

Step 04) In any flat surface (I inverted a steel plate) Grease the plastic sheet with generous amount of oil and then place the ball of dough and pat on greased surface and place the pooram in center

Puran Poli recipe Step 04

Step 05) Pull and fold the pooram evenly with the patted dough cover and seal as per below picture and start patting  the stuffed dough into poli shape

Puran Poli recipe Step 05

Step 06) Heat tawa add teaspoon of ghee and gently place the flattened poli on it, and cook them on low flame and flip when raw appearance of dough disappear and cook till you get the golden color patches appear on both sides.

Puran Poli recipe Step 06

  1. Good option is banana leaf; this leaf helps poli to flip it on tawa more easily and not burning your finger
  2. If you are using plastic sheet then, it is better to transfer to your hand and then place it on tawa, that way you can avoid the burning of plastic sheet and your hand.
  3. If you are pro, keep it in very low flame and pat stuffed poornam dough directly on tawa.
  4. You can also use grated coconut to the pooram stuffing but, shelf time will be lesser.

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