Peanut Ladoo / Groundnut Laddu

This is one of simple, delightful and healthier version of sweet you can have any time without any guilt feelings. It is very easy to prepare and requires few ingredients and it always available in our pantry. Whenever I bought the peanuts, I always make sure to dry roast them and store it in a air tight container and use it whenever the recipe calls for. This time I completely forgot to use the peanuts for about two weeks and it was sitting whole container. As peanut and jaggary both are having potential health benefits. This is the awesome and simplest recipe to make use of them. It perfectly serves as emergency snack or mid morning hunger pangs :)
Peanut Ladoo

and this Peanut ladoo is also one of signature Diwali sweets.

Groundnut Laddu

Peanut/Ground Nut – 1 cup
Jaggary / Brown Sugar – ½ cup

Optional Ingredients:
Salt – a pinch
Cardamom powder – ½ tsp
Cashew nuts few 


Step 01) Heat a pan and roast the groundnut nicely till they get light brown. You will get nice nutty flavor from peanuts and you will notice shiny oily skin of peanut that is the time you will turn off the gas. And allow them to cool.

Step 02) Blend the roasted peanut in a food processor and blitz until roughly chopped and then add the chopped jaggary and blend it again until the mixture starts to come together.  Repeat the same for the remainder of peanut and jaggary.

Step 03) Transfer this mixture to a big plate add a pinch of salt, cardamom powder, chopped cashews and mix it nicely and evenly.  Salt, Cardamom powder and cashew nuts are just to enhance the taste, fragrance and crunchiness to the laddo.  You can skip them totally, still the laddo tastes wonderful.  These are for value addition.

Step 04) Take a handful of blended mixture and gently press it together to form a shape of ball.  start to roll them as per your preferred size like big, medium or small.

Step 05) As the roasted peanut leaves the oil, there is no need of extra oil to roll them, if you still thought to make them richer, you can add little ghee/clarified butter while giving shape as ball/ladoos. 

Store it in a air tight container and enjoy the laddu.  

peanut Laddu

If you are looking laddos color to be white then, remove the skin of peanut before blending

You can use the powdered brown sugar instead of jaggary

For smooth texture of laddu blend the peanut as smooth powder instead of coarse powder

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  1. Helathy and delicious laddoos..My husband's favourite:)

  2. Thanks so much for your comments, Padma!and I hope you’ll stop by again soon.

  3. Wow! This ladoo is just AWESOME! Peanut and jaggery sounds a great combo! YUMMY! :)

    1. Indeed a great combo:) Thanks Anu for stopping by...

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you very much for stopping by Neela:) Glad you you liked it! :)


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